Strata Council Presentation

ParkPass is a fully automated Parking Management System for Visitor Parking, allowing visitors to validate parking using a smart-phone, replacing the need for physical parking passes.

ParkPass Features and Benefits


“I’m on the strata council that helped approve this program so we could keep visitors and residents from abusing the visitor spots and it looks like your program is working so I’m happy. The Strata Manager has done a great job relaying the success of your program and home-owners have certainly seen the effects of it with visitor spots readily available to actual visitors so we appreciate your efforts with everything!”
Strata Council Member at One Town Centre

“This system is amazing. All the residents are gone from Visitor Parking. Nothing else we tried worked.”
Building Manager at the Rhythm

“I love it. No one knocks on my door anymore asking where they can find parking for their visitors. I was just downstairs. There is Visitor Parking available!!”
Building manager at One Town Centre

“Finally a product that works!. I haven't had to tow a single car. This place was full of cars, with no visitor parking left. And it was all done without a single tow or fine, and we now have 100% compliance.”
Building Manager at the Nova

“Parking related complaints have gone way down. ParkPass reduces the amount of time spent dealing with parking related issues, and I think other Strata Assistants would welcome the use of ParkPass in the buildings they manage.”
Strata Agent's Assistant AWM

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Aubrey Holmes
Vancouver, B.C.
Cell: 604 722-1509